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Today’s one-word prompt: Vice

Ooooh, I like this one, especially the definitions:

  1. immoral or wicked behavior
  2. criminal activities involving prostitution, pornography, or drugs (ok, I don’t like this definition)
  3. an immoral or wicked personal characteristic

I’ve heard people use the word “vice” when referring to guilty pleasures (reality television viewing) and bad but difficult-to-break habits (like smoking and drinking). But for every minor and non-criminal thing we refer to as a “vice,” there are much worse acts to be considered “vices,” especially when it comes to criminal activity.  Heck, there are procedural cop dramas to prove that vice is an unfortunate reality in society.  It’s a shame when vice becomes more about what is done wrong in society, rather than it be a little joke between friends about bad (but not illegal) habits.

“We all have our vices,” I’ve heard it said.  Thankfully, not all of our vices are the terrible kind.


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