Live From #ThrowbackThursday and #FlashbackFriday, It’s (Not) Saturday Night!

I promise, this is the last of these double episodes, as I’m finally back into the swing of things.

So it is official, vacation is over and Allison’s Written Words is back in business!

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Come Home To #ThrowbackThursday!

Welcome to the official start of “season two” of Throwback Thursday.  This “season,” we will kick off with new credits (sans theme music – I’d like to retool that a little), and jump right into the fun.  We’ll still have theme weeks, but there will also be standalone “episodes.”

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For Your Suffering…This Retroist Post!

Have you ever spent eleven minutes watching someone change channels?

You have?

How about watching someone change channels while a VCR was hard at work?

You have?

Wow, you’re hard on yourself, aren’t you?

Come on over to Retroist, where you can watch the eleven minutes of channel surfing that I found on a blank VHS tape!

Eleven Minutes in Random Television Watching!

Come for the channel surfing, stay for the stud realtor photos…

#TeamTom versus #TeamJack

…and a woman who loves mashed potatoes.  We kid you not!


Note: The video contained in the article is an edited version of the original video posted.  Due to a copyright block, the video was not viewable in many places.  I wanted to ensure that this video could be seen, so I modified the video to remove the music during the cable access portion.  Enjoy!