In Memoriam: Phil Hartman (1948-1998)


No overblown tributes, no loudness nor craziness, just somber tribute to a man who made us all laugh… and marveled us with his ability to embody the people he so accurately depicted.

17 years on, and you’re still missed.  Thanks for the laughs, Phil.  You will never be forgotten.

Phil Hartman

Dedicated to the Amazing Memory and Legacy of Phil Hartman

September 24, 1948 – May 28, 1998

Because That’s My Perogative: Four Additional Notable Mystery Science Theater 3000 Episodes


I was reading an article this morning on Mystery Science Theater 3000 episodes that everyone should see, and while I agree whole-heartedly with the list (see Related Link), that’s only because I’ve actually seen those episodes (with the exception of Cave Dwellers).

Omitted were some of the more “legendary” experiments bestowed as methods of torture upon Joel Robinson (and later Mike Nelson) and the ‘Bots.

For your consideration, here are four additions to Kevin Sullivan’s list, based on my own personal viewing habits.  I’m sure it’s not everyone’s essentials, but they are certainly mine.  I have a much longer list, but not ones I would consider Earth-shattering and necessary, just ones I really like.  Because opinions.

Just send ’em the article, Allison.

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Jem and the Holograms Trailer – First Impression


One of the things I love most about my second, unpaid job as an amateur writer/blogger is that I can express my opinion about the things I see in my world.  I know that I can have an opinion and hold it as my own, without fear that someone else will tell me that it is not ok to do so.

It’s also what I love about the First Amendment and not living under the eye of government-controlled media/internet.  May that never happen in my lifetime.

That said…

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Welcome to the new home of Allison’s Written Words!

This page will be of the same concept that my original blog was, just in a new place.  I’m still easy to find around the web, and my original blog is still accessible.

Thanks for visiting!  🙂

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