#FlashbackFriday – Duracell Commercial

It’s Friday, the last day of July, and well, it’s Friday.  That’s important enough.

So how about a little flashback to ease you into the end of the work week?

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What’s The Other 80%?!

So I’m at lunch, drinking my protein shake, and munching on my portion-sized reduced fat Cheez-Its and sugar snap peas (that I’m dipping in hummus).  Sounds like a (reasonably healthy) lunch, wouldn’t you say?  I’m also watching a commercial block from 1986, figuring out what I’d like to contribute next to The Retroist, when a seemingly innocent-looking commercial for Kool Aid Koolers comes on.

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Music Video Unusual: “Heart to Heart”

If you’ve known me for the last year or so, you’re likely aware that I talk about Kenny Loggins music.  Alot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked his music, but in the last year, I’ve really begun to appreciate his music beyond casual listening.  I’ve even begun to appreciate his stuff beyond his soundtrack contributions.  Because when you move beyond his soundtrack offerings, the singles he’s released are actually quite good.   Continue reading “Music Video Unusual: “Heart to Heart””