#Thanksgiving in Short Film Form…On Retroist!

Not one, not two, but three (yes, three!) short films about turkey, thankfulness, and eating?  And they’re all riffed?!

This isn’t a Christmas post?!

Come on, come all, fill your plates, and be thankful, over on Retroist, where I showcase some Thanksgiving-themed “educational” shorts from the archives, and riffing magic of Brad “Cinema Snob” Jones.

Again, it isn’t Christmas!

A Day of Thanksgiving…For Short Films (And The People Who Riff Them!)

Pictured: A Turkey (and someone who discusses turkeys on film!)

Football, Food, and Varsity Letters: A Mr. Belvedere #Thanksgiving

The holiday episode-within-the-series is always a treat, but unlike holiday specials, don’t get the traditional network re-airing year after year (or sometimes, decade after decade).

Christmas and Halloween always seem to get the biggest response from television shows, and usually get a new episode every year.  But the one holiday that usually seems to be  one trick pony in the sitcom holiday world is Thanksgiving.  And while that should be shame, it tends to be harder to re-invent the wheel for the holiday each year.  I don’t know why that should be the case, but it is.

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