Allison DOES Know Jack, Over on Retroist!!!

I do know Jack, but don’t tell this game!

This is another gameplay video, my second for Retroist (the first was the Nintendo Entertainment System game American Gladiators). No commentary with this one, given the type of game and the amount of listening involved. There are so many good smartass lines of dialogue within the questions that me yammering on wouldn’t do it any justice.

So go on, and click the link below, you’ll be amused.

I think.

Allison Doesn’t Know Jack

This Ad…

I will never click on the ads with the strange stock photos at the bottom of pretty much every news website there is.  You just never know what is lurking on those sites, and the importance of that hit really hard last week when my workplace’s servers were smacked with ransomware.  Because the strange ads will do anything to lure you in, with the threat of needing bitcoin.  So much bitcoin.

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