Welcome to the Home of Allison’s Written Words!

Let the Fun and Positive Atmosphere of  Nostalgia and Random Goodness Become A Friend!

This page is of the same concept that my original blog was, just in a new place.  I’m still easy to find around the web, and my original blog is still accessible.

Weekly Features:

Articles are published pretty much everyday.

Any announcements for the blog – usually teasers for upcoming content, and occasionally, bonus material! – are made on my blog’s Facebook page.


Music Monday

Do You Remember? Tuesdays

Throwback Thursday 

Flashback Friday


Note: Pop Culture Retrorama (formerly Retroist) articles are published as often as I can fit them in (usually on weekends), with links published directly to the blog Facebook page.  I publish on Wednesdays on occasion, but these four categories are the main features of this blog.  

I hope you like what you see, and of course, share with your friends!

Archived Site:

Allison’s Written Words – Blogger

Elsewhere on the interwebs…

Agony Booth – Prospective Staff Writer Since July 2015, currently not actively publishing with them.

Buzzfeed Community – 2013-2014, though I may try to contribute here again at some point!

Twitter: @AllisonGeeksOut

Instagram: @allisonswrittenwords

Now, let’s get started!  Click on any of the months or categories to get started, and be sure to follow my blog’s Facebook page for new posts and announcements!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂


  1. Love your blog and youtube channel.

    I stumbled on your site because of your IT’S YOUR MOVE xmas video.

    I can’t find that show ANYWHERE. Any idea where I can watch / buy them? Or r they gone forever?

    Thanks for your help. Much appreciated.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Was redirected from your article hating on Diane Horner’s country line videos. Diane’s videos inspired me too learn country, hip hop and strip tease lessons. As a guy its better than weight lifting, and great for the brain. I hope you can at least apologize to Diane and her dancers. Thank you.


    1. “Hating on?” Hardly. My Hip Hop instructor was the reason I ever saw that video. It was hilarious! If I could Stoll dance (I can’t, my right ankle is pretty beat up), I would have tried this when I wrote about it. That article would have become a demonstration!


      1. It has been fun teaching myself all kinds of little tricks. When I get something synced perfectly to music, I have a little geek out moment where I start screaming out of excitement. It is rewarding for me to complete a video I worked hard on, and the praise I’ve gotten is sooo rewarding! 🙂 When my very first music video entry won at my second Stargate Convention in 2013, I came out of the main theater and two people who where there (who later became friends) saw me coming and wanted to shake my hand. Two guys in full Army uniforms, who’ve served overseas turned out to be total geeks who were too happy to shake my hand!

        Liked by 1 person

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