#ThrowbackThursday Loves the Crunch of a Good Potato Chip (And Popcorn Too!)

It’s Thursday and it is the first day of September.

Where has the year gone?

Allison’s Written Words has been doing the Throwback/Flashback thing consistently since last September, and I’d like to thank everyone who visits and checks out each week’s offerings.  I’ve worked hard on the format, from teasers to theme weeks.  The reality is that I have plenty of material to work with, so as long as you’re watching, I’m creating.

This week’s theme is yet another tasty one, as we dip into the archives of 1001 Classic Commercials to find the most perfect chips, and the most buttery popcorn there can ever be.  I’ve compiled a respectable collection of commercials for today’s viewing pleasure, sure to please the eye and the pallet.

We’ve got old lady potato chip creators, football players, and little kids…

Singing kernels of popcorn…

Screenshot (275)

Families who chide a father’s potato chip buying skills…

Screenshot (274)

Racial stereotypes…

Simpler times, folks.

And magic food!!!

It’s quite the collection folks, so don’t wait!  Whenever you’re ready, hit the play button below and revel in the advertising power of snack foods!


And there you have it, another jaunt into the archives of classic commercials.  Let’s say you come back tomorrow for Flashback Friday?  I’ll be here.  Will you be?

You will?!

Screenshot (280)

Besides, I only have to offer food to get you to come here.  Such simple demands.

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