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Fantastically written!!!!! Something for the benefit of those who refuse to reason!

Shared from Regie’s Blog – it is not mine, but important commentary on the current state of our country.

Regie's Blog

In 2008, Oprah and Will Smith yelled and screamed and high-fived each other over how amazing the Obama presidency was going to be.

But then, we had a “beer summit” (that was odd). Then, a trillion dollar stimulus package …that turned into a deficit. Then a Tea Party. Then Occupy Wall Street. Then Ferguson, Baltimore, Sandy Hook, San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Benghazi and Dallas. Then came Obamacare. And ISIS rose up in the middle east.

Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, David Bowie, Glenn Frey, Merle Haggard and Steve Jobs ALL died during the Obama presidency. Peyton Manning retired. American Idol got cancelled. Tornadoes still ravaged trailer parks in the mid west and hurricanes still chewed up beaches. Several people got eaten by sharks. Brad and Angelina broke up. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian procreated. Smart phones blew up in people’s pockets. We had, like, six hundred Country Music award shows…

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Allison’s Written Words Taste Test: Limited Edition Blueberry Pie Oreos

I’m an adventurous eater by nature.  My basic rule of food enjoyment is that if it isn’t too exotic, bizarre, or mobile and noisy, then it is edible, and therefore, something I will try.  I have a particular weakness/fondness/obsession with snack foods.  What makes snack food so tempting, besides sugary awesomeness?

“Limited Edition” written on the package.

Oh yes.

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