You Came, You Saw…You Found Me!

Welcome to the home of Allison’s Written Words!

This page is of the same concept that my original blog was, just in a new place.  I’m still easy to find around the web, and my original blog is still accessible.

Weekly Features:

All weekly features are published (unless otherwise indicated in advance) on the days they are scheduled, by 10 am EST.  Any announcements are made on my blog’s Facebook page.


Music Monday

Totally True Facts Tuesday

Throwback Thursday 

Flashback Friday

Spam Saturday

Spam Sunday 

Note: Wednesdays are usually reserved for Retroist work, as well as finishing up Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday.  Teasers for Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday are posted on the Facebook page by 4 pm EST.  I also reserve this day for Writing Prompts and other blog posts.

Archived Site:

Allison’s Written Words – Blogger

Elsewhere on the interwebs…

Retroist – Contributor since July 2015, with new posts published weekly

Agony Booth – Prospective Staff Writer Since July 2015, currently not actively publishing with them.

Buzzfeed Community – 2013-2014, though I may try to contribute here again at some point!

Twitter: @AllisonGeeksOut

Now, let’s get started!  Click on any of the months or categories to get started, and be sure to follow my blog’s Facebook page for new posts and announcements!

Thanks for visiting! 🙂

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