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Diverse…A Word As Big As Its Definition

Today’s one word writing prompt: Diverse.

  1. the state of being diverse; variety.
    “there was considerable diversity in the style of the reports”

Diversity takes on many folds and facets – it can refer to a population of people, interests, and ideas.  Diversity means different, and has positive connotations, as long as the right people make that possible.

When I think of myself as diverse, I think of my interests as being diverse.

In terms of music, I love ’80s music, but I also love soundtrack music (especially instrumental music), 90s music, dance music, and even enjoy music going back to the 1940s and 1950s.  I listen to Henry Mancini music because it makes me smile, and David Foster music because it moves and motivates me.  I love Kenny Loggins because his music is the stuff of movie soundtracks, but I love alot of the music he did outside of soundtrack work.  I love Chicago because their music has always moved and entertained me, even as a kid.  And even though a good love song is always something I appreciate…I love breakup songs (not the country music kind).  Don’t ask why!

I love science fiction, but also love intense crime drama television shows and sitcoms.  They don’t get more diverse than that.

I even like to think diverse, away from groupthink, and more toward how I can be an individual with individual thoughts in a conformed world.  I like to write against the norm, have a blog that doesn’t conform to one topic (but rather, a variety of them), and share my ideas with others, even though they may not agree with me.  They have their own diverse opinion.

Diversity is a two-edged sword – it’s what keeps us free of conformity as a society, but it is also polarizing and breaks down what could potentially make society great.  It puts up barriers when all it wants to do is break them down.  When the right people are there to break down the barriers, only then will we ever be truly diverse.


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