Spend The Good Times With #ThrowbackThursday

Because those other days of the week?  They’re not loyal.

Ok, Friday is loyal.  But not those other days!

You know, if 1980s beer commercials and wine cooler commercials have taught me anything about 1980s life, it is that the companies responsible for these products felt life was best lived through the rose-colored glasses of their products.  It’s as if life is a party best lived through the glory of the perfect brew, or the fruitiest wine cooler.

Of course, we also learned that Dewey Stevens not only made a great wine cooler, but he also saved a woman who was “abducted by aliens.”

If it seems like I’ve covered alcohol consumption quite a bit on the Throwback/Flashback, it is only because it is not a new or novel topic.  As long as there is the possibility that a good time may actually break out, then there is an alcohol commercial for that.

I am not a drinker by any stretch (I’m not even sure you could classify me as a “social” drinker), but I do know what I like, and the only thing I like more than the occasional Bud Lite Lime on a really hot day is just watching commercials involving life heightened through the enjoyment of alcohol.  Plus, some alcohol commercials are visually stunning (like the Michelob “In the Air Tonight” commercial, which is in the related links at the end of the article).

I’ve covered beer and wine coolers, but surprisingly, I haven’t touched wine commercials.  And I realized why – I’ve got tons of beer commercials, but only recently inherited three wine commercials from my boyfriend’s tape collection.  No lie – I’ve been archiving on and off since 2007, and I seriously have never found a wine commercial.  I have a champagne commercial, but no wine commercials!

We’re going to give wine its equal time today, with a triple-threat of wine commercials from 1985.

If wine coolers prompted fun, and beer promoted the prospect of fun happening, then wine sets the romantic mood.  In these three commercials, we have couples…


And they have special moments involving the consumption of very specific wine brands.  You can share in those magical moments by clicking play!

So, what did we learn about wine and the mid-1980s?

You can only open your heart with Lancers…

The only good times you’ll ever have are spent with Mateus…and not the person you’re with.

Yeah, my badly timed screenshot indicates how happy she really is…looks like she is thinking (through the clenched teeth of the mind) “Get me outta here!  I need my Mateus and VCR time!”

And finally…

Black Tower is best enjoyed after it has risen from the depths, and while you’re naked and having also risen from the depths.

Also drama.  Lots of dramatic music and lush background-ness makes for a great wine commercial.

We’ve learned so much!

And you’ll likely learn something tomorrow on Flashback Friday.  Because that’s my aim – educate you without actually trying!

Enjoy the rest of your Thursday!


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  1. I really miss Bartles & Jaymes “Ed’s Red”…. I could drink that wine cooler all day long….but wine,..gives me a headache. Miller Genuine Draft was my favorite beer, which I cannot drink any longer because: gluten. 😦 :-\

    Liked by 1 person

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