#ThrowbackThursday (And Stroh’s) Is Spoken Here!

Yes, here.  As in here.  Not to be confused with there or over there.  HERE!

Alcohol advertising is not some new or innovative display of Throwback and Flashback on this site.  In the past, we witnessed the wine cooler trend of the 1980s, Gallagher bowling for Bud Light, and found out the night calls for Lowenbrau.

Here’s the thing, folks: when you tape television shows airing late at night, alcohol commercials are guaranteed to be dominant advertisers.  Because nothing goes better with late-night television viewing than alcohol!

And nothing goes better with baseball or summer than Stroh’s…according to today’s double-header of commercials.

I know you saw what I did there!

Today’s Throwback Thursday takes us to (take a lucky guess when!) 1986, and to two advertisements that scream summer fun and baseball glory, all to the tune of Stroh’s and Stroh Light.

We see professional baseball, we see images of summer, we see beer leagues, we see concerts.  But all of the people involved like one thing and one thing only – Stroh’s (and Stroh Light).

Now you’re talking baseball/summer, now you’re talking beer!  Now you’re talking good times, and…

And now you can witness the perfect pairing of baseball and summer fun, wherever Stroh’s is spoken, but as long as it’s here!

Go ahead,  click play.  Get caught up in the fun!


And there you have it, the perfect combination of baseball, summer, and alcohol to liven it up!  And tomorrow, for Flashback Friday, we’ll do it all over again. Because life should be one extended beer commercial!

Well, that is just encouraging drunken stupidity, but some parts of life can be justified as one extended beer commercial.  Let’s just say they are the not-so-fun aspects of life.

See you tomorrow!


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