#ThrowbackThursday – This Night Calls for Lowenbrau!

Dancing, singing, and beer.

Based on what I covered last week on Flashback Friday, and what I’m covering in today’s Throwback Thursday post, you’d think I was an alcoholic with twinkle toes.

Who said I wasn’t twinkle toes?  Because I’m not an alcoholic.

When I was loaned a bunch of videos to copy commercials from several years back, the majority of the commercials were beer-related.  Ads for Coors Light, Michelob, Coors, Schlitz, Stroh’s, and Bruce Willis singing about Seagram’s dominated the ad space on the videos.  Since the tapes were old Saturday Night Live reruns, I’m not shocked.  Sure, there were McDonald’s, Burger King, and Kentucky Fried Chicken commercials scattered throughout, but beer/liquor prevailed.

Last week, I shared a commercial featuring Gallagher bowling with a watermelon, so this week, I’m going to take it a step further.  Because while this Bud may be for you, this night/day clearly calls for Lowenbrau!

This is actually one of those two commercials for the price of one deal – a shorter version, followed by a longer version.  I actually pulled these out of two separate files (I think they aired during the same Saturday Night Live episode, but in different blocks).

In both versions, we get dancing and some guy with a Muppet-type voice singing about the night, the world coming out to play…and how the night calls for Lowenbrau.

Screenshot (13)

Seriously, who are you?!

The shorter version involves a condensed version of the song, depicting America after dark.  In the longer version, the song takes on the world and all its cultures and languages, but firmly united by the belief that “this night calls for Lowenbrau.”

Screenshot (12)

I love these commercials – the song is catchy, the dancing and costuming is fun, and well, it didn’t put Lowenbrau out of business.  You see the “Since 1383” on the neon lighting?  It really is still around today.

But don’t take my finely-tuned words for it…watch and be amazed by this slice of 1980s fun!

This night, and this article, calls for Lowenbrau!

Screenshot (7)Happy Throwback Thursday, just try not to throw back too much of this stuff.  Responsibility, people.

You see what I did there?!

Oh laugh, you know you want to!

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For the record, Allison had two alcoholic drinks on vacation last week.  Neither one was Lowenbrau.


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