#ThrowbackThursday Would Gladly Share a Beer With Jeremy Renner

Because we know some people won’t.

Even though he’s been in quite a few very notable films over the years, I assumed the first movie I’d ever seen Jeremy Renner in was The Avengers, but it turns out the ACTUAL first movie I saw him in was National Lampoon’s Senior Trip.

I actually own a VHS copy of this movie.  Yes, VHS.  I bought it back in 1997 or 1998, I’m not 100% sure, but I am sure of this…


Clint Barton in ’90s grunge finest was a hottie even back then.

Before Jeremy Renner was the Avenger known for his razor-sharp vision and his acuity with arrows, he was making movies like this, and yes, starring in commercials.  Today’s Throwback Thursday (from 1998) stars a younger Renner (though older than he was in this movie), as a guy who just wants some Bud Light.

And he has a “friend” who is getting in the way of that wanting.



And when you click play, you can see exactly what The Human Struggle entails when you’re a thirsty man.


You know, when you allow someone to snub you like this, you wind up eventually becoming that Avenger no one clamors for. Except me.  I love Hawkeye. All you other girls can get lost.

Oh well, Flashback Friday will return tomorrow, and hopefully, no one is getting snubbed.

We’ll aspire for so much.


Evil friend.


It’s called sharing, Evil Friend!


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