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#ThrowbackThursday Bonus – Wine(Dot)Com

Today, on Throwback Thursday…better love moments through 1985 wine commercials!

While working on tomorrow’s Flashback Friday, I found a wine commercial from the era of the dot-com evolution.  The company was formed in 1998 (starting at eVineyard), but the name was changed to in 2000, the result of a merger between and


The company is still alive and well today, and considering how many sites established in the days of the dot-com boom are no longer claiming this, is pretty darn lucky.

We won’t base their success on this commercial.

So we have this couple…


He’s a meek mouse of a man to her bitchy housewife.

They get a wine delivery from…!!


But it does nothing to change her mood.

If the product name wasn’t mentioned, I wouldn’t know what this commercial was actually advertising.  But ugh, that wife!

Anyway, click play.  Hear about a wine website.  Get annoyed by a bitchy wife!

She needs to loosen up with…a glass of wine.  from!

Huh, huh?!



Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow.  She will not be.


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