#FlashbackFriday Belongs to Michelob…And So Does The Night!

It’s Friday, and it’s time to celebrate!

And by celebrate…you get to read this article, and watch its accompanying video.

How lucky of you!

Following on the theme of the week, we watched Stroh’s being the spoken language on Throwback Thursday, and on Flashback Friday, we are treated to a three-part harmony of Michelob commercials, all from the year 1986 (surprise!).  These commercials transport us to the brewery’s calmness in the night, and then into two commercials that play more like 1980s music videos.

Screenshot (992)

Did I ever mention that the 1980s were a magical time of making everyday life look dramatic, amazing, and like a music video or beer commercial?  I haven’t?  Well, now I have!


In the first advertisement, we witness the crafting of the perfect Michelob, as a man walks through the brewery by night, inspecting every detail.  He does it for all of us, so Michelob can ensure that the night can be the best part of your day.

In the second advertisement, we are transported to the concrete jungle, where smooth 80’s stylings play under images of the night having a rhythm of its own, as people live for the night.  Their beer of choice? Michelob, of course!

And in the third advertisement, similar images from the second commercial (along with some added footage) are set against the Phil Collins song “In the Air Tonight,” providing a hauntingly dark image of the night.  Again, the beer of choice when “it” calls in the air on any given tonight? Michelob, again!

And all three commercials remind you of one thing:

But don’t take these lovingly-written words for anything…witness the magic for yourself!  Just click play below, and be impressed, immersed, and awed.

And there you have it, Flashback Friday smoothness and dedication.  This very well may be the best part of your day.

It sure is for our friend, the dedicated brewer.

Screenshot (991)

Thanks for watching, and reading!  Have a great weekend!  Perhaps it will involve a little…Michelob?


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