“I Like It Because It’s #ThrowbackThursday!”

And why not?  It’s only one more day until Friday!

I’ve done my share of celebrity commercials, beer commercials, and commercials from 1986.  I’m well aware that the greater majority of my “archives” are from 1986, but we’re all here for the retro-ness of it, so 1986 is where we are at today.

I’ve shared Miller Lite commercials on here before (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C), and this commercial set has also been part of one of my “big block of commercials” articles, but I wanted to highlight this one.  It isn’t because it is a beer commercial or because it has a celebrity in it (ok, a celebrity at the time), but because we have someone who wants to tell you why they like the advertised product so much.  That’s this week’s theme.

So…confession time!  Why do an “Ex-Wrestler”…


…and an “Ex-East German Swimmer”…


Like Miller Lite so much?

Click play to find out!

And just remember, when you’re looking for a lite beer…


And share it with friends.  Don’t be like Jeremy Renner’s “friend.”

Throwback Thursday’s younger sibling, Flashback Friday, will be along tomorrow for another confession.  Until then, let’s remember a time with Joe Piscopo was showing off his ginormous muscles!

The 1980s.  It was fun!

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