#FlashbackFriday – Beer, Bowling…and Gallagher?

Back in the mid-1980s, Gallagher was a thing.  He smashed watermelons, Showtime gave him a gazillion specials (ok, actually, it was fourteen), and I used to think him and “Weird” Al Yankovic were the same person.

Don’t ask.  I was young and stupid.  Did I mention I was young?


Screenshot (8)

Gallagher was a thing.  My parents think he’s funny (at least, they used to, because I found two of his specials – Over Your Head and The Messiest – on recorded videos), but I never saw the appeal of smashing watermelons and having to hide under tarps to enjoy stand-up comedy.

In 1986, Gallagher was such a thing that he even got to be in commercials…well, one commercial, though he has resurfaced more recently in a Geico ad.  But since this is #FlashbackFriday,we’re going to focus on the commercial from 1986.  Because 2012 is not “throwback” enough.

Screenshot (9)

In this commercial, promoting Budweiser, bowling, and bowling with watermelons, Gallagher arrives at a bowling alley, which suddenly comes alive with the sounds of “Rock ‘n Bowling.”  It doesn’t look like League Night, unless League Night looks like my fever dreams (which are like the dreams I normally have, except more hallucination-like).  There’s, as I said, bowling with watermelons, bowling in general, a little person with a duckpin bowling ball, bowling pins that run away, and a catchy song.

Screenshot (10)

This Bud’s for You, indeed!

Screenshot (11)

But don’t take my word for it, why don’t you watch for yourself, and be amazed.

If this amazes you.

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She has never been fond of Gallagher.


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