Al B. Sure It Sounds The Same!

Remakes, (movie/song/television show) inspired by (movie/song/television show), loose interpretations. There are alot of ways to bring something back to the forefront of the present!

I was still taking Hip Hop a few years ago, and my instructor would work on fun choreography each week before he got down to the business of preparing a recital routine AND a Christmas show routine.  That year (which turned out to be my last), I was around to learn the Christmas routine, but beyond that, was there for only the first class where we worked on the recital dance.

At the beginning of that dance school year, we did a small choreographed piece to a song called Last Night, by an artist named Sebastian Mikael.

Did I mention it was an adult-age dance class?  Because we weren’t 14-year-olds dancing to a song that’s obviously about hooking up and night clubs!

Just wanted to clear that up.

Coincidentally enough (and my instructor mentioned this too), it sounds ALOT like this song…

This song is “Nite and Day” from Al B. Sure!’s (yes, he has an exclamation point to cap off his name) 1988 album In Effect Mode.  This song was, in fact, sampled for Sebastian Mikael’s single, which was from his debut album, Speechless.

Coincidence? Perhaps!

But sampling the sound is the only thing these songs have in common.  While Al B. Sure! was singing about thinking of the woman…nite and day, Sebastian Mikael was busy singing about hooking up with the woman.

Guess we know which artist had more honest intentions, though someone “thinking about you nite and day” could imply stalker-like intentions…don’t you think?


(Image Source)

That unibrow makes me suspicious… :-/


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