What Would You Trade For #FlashbackFriday?

I hope nothing.

You wouldn’t want to trade anything for the end of the week, would you?

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday, Clara Peller found the beef yet again, and today, we’ve found the perfect ripoff of a candy we all know and love.

They’re both chewy and fruit-flavored, and are twisted into sticks of chewy, fruity awesomeness. One makes mouths happy, and the other asks you what you would swap for them.

So, we have Twizzlers, and then we have…Switzer.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve never heard of Switzer, but this 1987 ad shows me the way when it comes to delightfully chewy fruity candy whose name does not at all sound too similar to another candy.

In the commercial, it shows an unnamed cartoon boy singing about the things he has…

And when you click play, you can find out what he would trade them for!

He will trade almost all his wordly goods, except for his Switzer, which sounds like Swiffer if you’re not paying attention.

You’d almost think he was trading everything for a duster, and that would just be bizarre!

So yeah, there was such a thing as Switzer, it sounds way too much like Twizzler, and it disappeared by the 1990s.

I’m wondering if lawyers and “cease and desist” had anything to do with said disappearance.


…until Twizzler pulls it out of your little hands and cries “ripoff!”

And on that delightful note, have a great weekend! 🙂

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