If You Think #ThrowbackThursday Will Get You Higher Than This…

…that’s not a bad thing!

Better than the stuff that gets you high for all the wrong reasons!

The Public Service Announcement is not a new or novel concept on Allison’s Written Words, but it is always interesting to see the evolution of the Public Service Announcement-type commercial over time.  Starting in movie theaters and looking much like short films, the years gave way to scare tactics (Exhibit A, Exhibit B, and Exhibit C), songs that seem to glorify STDs, and the Public Service Announcement as a music video.  Because hey, if you have to educate someone, make it scary, funny, or thrilling.  Just make it entertaining, and you’ll sell your point.

Today’s Throwback Thursday contribution (and theme in general) is the Public Service Announcement concept, featuring athletes as spokespersons.  This entry comes from 1988 (found in a 1989 commercial block), and Athletes Against Drug Abuse, showing what living a clean life can be like and what can be done with a clear head.

Meet Robby Naish, World Champion Champion Windsurfer….

He can’t do what he does best if he’s on drugs.  This is his high, and his cause is Athletes Against Drug Abuse.

Meet Jill Boyer…


When you click play, she will tell you all about Robby and his accomplishments!

Their cause is Athletes Against Drug Abuse…


…and the music in their PSAs rock!

This was a pretty exciting commercial – pretty visuals, a positive message, and Robby Naish is pretty nice to look at!  Would this sway you from drugs?

Did “VD is for everybody” sway you from promiscuity?

Well, there you have it, the PSA as music video!  Tomorrow, we’ll continue with the theme of Public Service Announcements by athletes. In that case, a little local flavor will be thrown in!

Have a great Throwback Thursday, and don’t forget – there is no substitute for a clear head!



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