#FlashbackFriday is For Everybody! (Even Someone As Nice As You…)

Anyone can get Flashback Friday…

Oh fine, just click “Read More” if you’re dying to know what the heck I’m talking about…

Welcome to Flashback Friday, where we don’t hold back on the social issues that really matter.

First toy guns and creepy dolls, now social dilemmas.  All over the place much, Allison?

Anyway, this week’s Flashback Friday deals with a topic that is kinda personal, which is probably why the Ad Council really wanted to discuss it in the weirdest, most sing-songy way possible.  It was the 1970s, and if you think that’s an excuse…ok fine, there is no excuse.

What is the commercial sing-songy about?


*Crowd gasp*

Yes, VD.  Venereal Disease.  And the commercial doesn’t care who you are, how old you are, or what your social status.  Nice as you, a select few, babies, children – ANYONE can get VD, according to the Ad Council.  And the song makes it sound glorious, when there is nothing glorious about VD.

The variety of people the commercial shows is like Oprah’s Favorite Things Day – “you get VD, and you get VD, and you get VD, we’re all getting VD!”

That came to me last night and it sounded brilliant.  Now picture Oprah screaming it.

You just did, didn’t you?!

Anyway, where fancy, well-crafted sentences and images fail me…watching the actual commercial is the only way to truly understand why this is such a strange commercial.

So, be empowered and click play.  I promise no harm will come to you. I can promise that VD is not for everyone just watching the video.

I think the thing that absolutely freaks me out about this commercial is that these people are seemingly unaware that they are being filmed for a commercial about sexually-transmitted diseases.  They smile, they look happy, and they go about their business.

They even show a baby in the commercial.

Screenshot (802)

A baby!  What did that baby ever do?

The first time I saw this (which was about five years ago), and the baby was shown, I (no lie) yelled out “Who did this to you?!”

Good lord, commercial, the idea of VD scares me.  It’s not some exclusive club, especially when they let babies in.

I need a mental shower just thinking about it.

I think I need to end it here.  So, that my friends is “Social Dilemma Awareness Week” at Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday.  I never said it was pretty or particularly exclusive a club.  It’s just…oh god, why the baby?!

Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday will be back next week, and we won’t be tackling social dilemmas.  I promise.

Why the baby?!


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