A #ThrowbackThursday Of Your Theatre Management

Oooh, an important message! Let’s listen to it!

I’ve covered the glory of retro Public Service Announcements for past Throwback and Flashback installments.  The ads are meant to tug at your heartstrings, pull the change from your pocket or wallet, and help provide a better tomorrow for someone struggling today.

I watch alot of Antenna TV (guilty), and they show the same three Shriners Hospital for Kids commercials.  I’m not going to lie, between that, St. Jude’s, and the ASPCA, the fact that I’m not in a constant state of depression and despair is a minor miracle.

While these ads aren’t meant to make you sad, but to empower you to help in any way you can, the PSAs of yesterday were meant as scare tactics and entertainment (especially when they broke out the happy music).  Sarah McLachlan wasn’t around to sing about a dog being in the arms of an angel, but instead a chipper person sang about Venereal Disease and how everyone (including innocent babies!) could have it.

In today’s grouping of Public Service Announcements/Special Messages, we have celebrities telling you about how you can donate to worthy causes.

Enjoy it today, because you’re not getting off easy tomorrow!

But, for today…

Tab Hunter for Mental Health Association!


Gale Gordon, informing you about how you can donate to the American Cancer Society!

(Thanks to Michael Aaron Frandy of Retroist Clubhouse for helping me ID him – I had a total blonde moment and couldn’t figure out who he was, but I knew he looked familiar!)


Danny Kaye for Variety Club of Northern California!


(He mentions St. Jude’s, folks!)

Mark Hamill for March of Dimes!


(It’s a scam.  They literally donate a dime from every donation taken!)

And Gary Cooper for Red Cross!


You’re definitely not alone when the cue card guy is helping you with your lines!

It’s all so incredibly moving, when you click play, of course!

Did you dig out your loose change when the usher passed around the collection plate/can?  I hope you didn’t just put a “25 cents off Shake ‘n Bake” coupon in…or worse, passed it along and ignored the call for action.  If you did…ugh, I can’t look at you.

Today, I was easy on you.  Now tomorrow…we’re getting into the gritty stuff of retro PSA glory.

Until then, enjoy your Thursday!


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