The #FlashbackFriday Can Kill

The grittier, harsher reality side of Public Service Announcements should deter you from being an idiot, right? Right?!

Yesterday was easy.  We have celebrities inform you of charities and causes worthy of your pennies.  Today, we get thrown into the cold and harsh reality of the consequences of our actions.  Nothing flowery here. No Danny Thomas telling you about making a donation.  And no, Gale Gordon won’t be here either.

Today, we’re really going to feel terrible about our choices.

All of that said, in today’s collection of Public Service Announcements, we have…

John Wayne wanting you to donate to the American Cancer Society to help find a cure in your lifetime…because there won’t be one in his.


A guy who tries to justify his alcohol consumption in every way possible, until it bites him the butt.  And by “bites him in the butt,” he gets his car trapped between two trucks.


Clint Eastwood warning you against crack cocaine.


You know, Pee Wee Herman did it about ten years later…and I don’t remember it being this terrifying!

True facts about drunken driving, and someone playing Russian Roulette!


And finally, Johnny Smoke!


If you’re not already in the fetal position and crying for me to stop scaring you, go on and click play.  The PSAs are waiting for you!

We’ve learned something important today, haven’t we?


And how can you prevent any of this from happening to YOU?


Because if none of this has scared you yet, then you must be tougher than most.

I will admit though, that Johnny Smoke song was CATCHY!

And there you have it. PSAs with designs on scaring you out of your potential bad actions.

I hope you listened up, and listened well.

That does it for this week’s Throwback/Flashback way of teaching you something important.  Perhaps next week, we’ll go back to product placements.

Sounds like a great idea!

Have a great weekend!

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