#TotallyTrueFactsTuesday – August 7, 2018

For your Totally True Facts Tuesday, the greatest unfriending ever.

I have a tracking system on Twitter that lets me know on a weekly basis who followed and unfollowed me on Twitter over the course of  week.

Since 99% of the time, the unfollowers are usually spambots, people I don’t know, and people who unfollow you because you didn’t follow them back immediately (seriously, high school behavior much?), it is of no importance.

But then I spotted this unfollow.  Note the Twitter handle.


Yep, you read that correctly.

Actually, I was looking at the site, and it is a marketing-type tool that tracks followers  on your Twitter account. I could see the business application behind this, but the part that really makes me laugh is that this username tweets about the specific number of people they will unfriend because they don’t follow this username back.

Hey, happy to be one of the 30,298 the week I was unfollowed.

I don’t follow for the sake of following.



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