#ThrowbackThursday Flirts With Death

Ok, not in that way.

Throwback Thursday doesn’t know Death personally, it just…you’ll know what I’m talking about if you continue reading.

Welcome to yet another Throwback Thursday, the determined older sibling that attempts to jump-start the almost weekend.  In the last few installments of this and Flashback Friday, we’ve looked at toys, drink boxes, what not to say on a first day (while wearing Jordache jeans), and The All-Encompassing Dilemma.

This week, we’ll jump into social dilemmas, 1960s and 1970s style.  So this week, both Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday are related.  All answers will come to you soon enough.  So let’s kick off Throwback Thursday, shall we?

Screenshot (775)

It’s nice to see we don’t waste any time.

So anyway, today’s commercial comes to us from circa the 1960s, courtesy of the American Cancer Society.  It’s an ad that tells you all about men who face death straight on, laugh at it, and flirt with it.  Sounds normal, right?

We’ve got dare devils who jump through hoops of flame…

Screenshot (777)


Men who strap themselves to planes that fly upside down…

Screenshot (778)

So daring!

And man attempting flight…

Screenshot (779)

So strange!

But, then we come to the most dangerous man of all…

Screenshot (780)

Jerry Ross…in a hammock!

And that’s not the reason he flirts with death, although those things are dangerous in their own right.

How does he flirt with death, you ask?

He hasn’t had a medical checkup in over 10 years!

*Stunned crowd-style gasp*

That’s right, he is a true daredevil, he looks medical checkups in the eye and says “Nope, not necessary.”

The ad comes from the American Cancer Society, whose aim is to wipe out cancer in our lifetime…which can’t be done is people like Jerry Ross don’t get medical checkups!

Screenshot (781)

And they throw their logo in, just so you know they mean business.

And by all means, click play below, and watch the horror and suspense of men flirting with death right before your very eyes!

And there you have it, a commercial that doesn’t hold back, that teaches you all about how dangerous men live, and the horror of not having a medical exam for over ten years!

Tomorrow, Flashback Friday looks at ANOTHER huge dilemma…which I won’t disclose here!  You’ll have to wait for tomorrow!

Screenshot (780)

I wonder whatever happened to Jerry Ross.  Hopefully the hammock wasn’t his downfall.

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