There’s More To A #FlashbackFriday

Than meets the eye?

No, not really.  This isn’t about Transformers, but it is about vehicles.

Today is the kickoff of President’s Day weekend, and no doubt you’ve seen commercials on your local stations touting President’s Day sales on cars, department store merchandise, and any place the phrase “President’s Day Sale” can be thrown in.


In 1998, Ford was touting the greatness of their Windstar van, and reminding the Tri-State area (New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut) that President’s Day is a great time to make the switch to Ford.


This is how many people switched!


Look at that van!

And look at this commercial!

The commercial was promoting the Ford Windstar, which was manufactured until 2003, when it became the Freestar in 2004.  The Freestar was in producton from 2004 until 2007.  I still see both around – we actually have a 2007 Freestar in our agency vehicle fleet at work.  The Freestar we have is pretty nice, I’ve been in it a few times.

I’d say we’re leaving this one on a down note, but not really, because the Ford Motor Company is still in existence, and they still make vans.

Not a totally bad way to end this, would you say?


It’s not “Have You Driven A Ford…Lately?” but it rhymes.

Always an upside!

Well, there you have it, that’s your Flashback for this Friday.  Come back next week, when we dip into the archives once more.

Have a great weekend!


Who Loves Ya, #ThrowbackThursday?

Have You #FlashbackFriday…Lately?

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