#ThrowbackThursday: Second Honeymoon

I’ll start off by stating the not-so-obvious: This is not a Valentine’s Day-theme commercial, nor did it air around Valentine’s Day.

And now that I’ve confessed that, I’ll confess this:

It actually aired during the holiday season in 1988.

*Whew* I feel so much better now!

Anyway, yesterday was Valentine’s Day.  And when I was working out a theme for this week, I found one thing about my archives: I don’t have anything Valentine’s Day-related.  So, I was on the hunt for a love-themed commercial, which was what I did last year.  And even then, I wound up in my holiday season 1988 collection.  Which is proof that you can always find exactly what you want when you think out of the box, and dig hard enough.

Anyway, today.

Today’s commercial is for American Express, which is not old hat (related: Do You Know #FlashbackFriday?), and the idea that if we don’t want to go home, we don’t have to…as  long as we have American Express!


We have this well-dressed couple. There isn’t any implication as to what they’re travelling for (business, perhaps), and they’re close to getting home, but have a decision to make:

Do we go home, or do we forget it all and go on a second honeymoon?

They decide on the honeymoon, but there’s a problem: their bags can’t be retrieved, but husband has a solution:


And for some reason, this makes her smile:


And off they go to some unnamed island, where they partake in buying awesome 80s fashion:


And enjoy fine dining…


All because of American Express.

See the story unfold, when you click play!

What a great idea, we forgot it all, left our bags behind, and threw caution to the wind for a second honeymoon!


“I wonder what the next ten years will bring.”

He just wonders where their luggage is.

It was 1988, folks.  No one gave a second thought to unclaimed luggage just showing up at an airport.  I’m sure there’s no problem!


Because I have this card!

So, um, yeah. That’s today’s commercial.  It makes you feel good, and who doesn’t like a soundtrack to go with their second honeymoon?

That covers Valentine’s Day.  Come by tomorrow, when we look at President’s Day weekend!

Have a great Thursday!

I really do wonder where their bags wound up…

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