Have You #FlashbackFriday…Lately?

It’s a reasonable question, people.

Yesterday on Throwback Thursday, a guy declares that his car makes him look good, while people emerge from the woods for the sake of another car that looks good.


The things we do for the sake of status and catchy jingle-slogan combos, folks!

Today, we move forward from 1986 and 1987 to 1988, and to another car company with a catchy jingle.

These guys like it…


These people love it…

Even the critics love it!

So what is everyone driving that makes them happy?

Click below to find out!

You know what else is to like?


Prices you haven’t seen since…wow, when was the last time you saw a price like that on a new car?

And there you have it, your end to the week, and it loves catchy jingles and slogans.

Have you driven something that makes you look good…lately?  Could you ask for anything more?  Is this slogan overkill?

I’ll drop you off here.  Enjoy your weekend!

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