Who Loves Ya, #ThrowbackThursday?

Of course, “Ya” meaning non-specific “you.”

Well, who does?

Me, of course!

Wait, someone else loves you?

Who is that person?!

So, I’m back from vacation, even if my blog didn’t look like it was on vacay last week.  I pre-scheduled all of my posts last week thanks to overdrive writing sessions the previous week, but this week, everything is being written as it normally is – the day before.  That’s still impressive, because I’ve done the last-minute thing before.  Let me tell ya, there is nothing quite like working like gangbusters to get a post written so you can have it up by your pre-determined time that you schedule all of your posts for.

You know what else is impressive?

8.8% financing on a car.  In 1985.

That’s right.  That, my friends, is the video of choice for today’s Throwback Thursday.

Today’s commercial comes to us from 1985, and the Ford Motor Company.  The car of choice advertised here?  The Ford Tempo.

The big deal?


8.8% financing!

The promoter? Why, Telly Savalas, of course!

No, really.

I know they don’t show him up close, but I recognize that voice.  And when you click play, you’ll not only be swept up in a great deal, but you’ll also figure out how I knew it was Telly Savalas.

So go on, click play!

Of course, what great ad doesn’t have some kind of localization attached to it?

This Ford ad is for Southern California Ford Dealers.  It was on a tape of my boyfriend’s family videos, some random news segments, Nightline, and an episode of Moonlighting, taped from KABC Los Angeles (my boyfriend is from Southern California).


You have to admit though, 8.8% is a great deal.  Imagine that now?

I can’t either.

I also was trying to remember the last time I’d heard of a Ford Tempo.  Apparently this was a new model for Ford (first produced in 1983, with the first model year being 1984 – this tape is from March 1985), and ceased production in 1994.

But in the meantime (specifically, those ten years), who loved it, baby?

People who drove Fords…lately.

Of course!

On that note, here ends another Throwback Thursday.  Flashback Friday will be along with another commercial from the archives tomorrow.

Oh, and Ford ads from the 1980s have had their place here on Throwback/Flashback, just in case you’d like to see more Ford models people were driving…lately.

Lately was 1988, of course.  Because nostalgia.

Have a great Thursday! 🙂


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