Don’t You Wish Everything Was Made Like #ThrowbackThursday?

There is something made like it (another specific day), but we like Throwback Thursday too! Right?

Yes we do!

We also like the ease of having our storage containers built to last to avoid the malady known as “White People Problems.”

We are so familiar with White People Problems (Related: Man/Stupid People Problems), right? After all, it is the reason infomercials have existed since the time a guy painted his bald spot with an aerosol can.

All kidding aside, messes and malfunctions are not exclusive to dumb white people in commercials, but commercials are quick to make sure this is the problem among the population.

Because let’s face facts, this has happened to all of us at least once, right?

And so has this, right?


But we like things to go right for us, and thankfully, one company has our best interests (defined as not making a mess of life in general) at heart.

Today’s commercial from 1986 fits into the spirit of cleaning up and making our lives free of White People Problems…thanks to products from Rubbermaid!

In the tradition of having to clean up after the holidays, it is always nice to know someone has our back.  It may be the cleaning and organization products industry, but at least they love us.

And when you click play, you’ll see why a world with Rubbermaid is a great world!

Rubbermaid has been making products that help make life go right since 1920, and their storage and cleanup supplies are the gold standard of quality.  I actually had this particular receptacle…


We never tried to take it out with a car, but we did keep it in our garage next to the inside door – we would open the inside door and storm door to the garage, pop open the lid, and toss the recyclables in.  On recycling day, it would get dragged outside to the curb and taken back to its spot in the garage afterward.  Heavy duty receptacle, and we had it for the entire 18 years we lived in that house.  At work, I buy office supplies, but I also order for facilities and janitorial, and I prefer Rubbermaid products.  Thankfully, if I need a trashcan or storage stuff, that is usually what I’m asked to buy.

The slogan for Rubbermaid (used into the 1990s) is extremely accurate…


Yes, yes I do!

So, as you see, we have a theme going on this week – cleaning and organizing!  After the holidays, this is key!  Tomorrow, we’ll tidy up some more with another great product that was a mainstay in my childhood home, and is one that still gets used in my parents’ and my home.

Until then, have a fantastic Throwback Thursday After Christmas!

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