Life is Full of #FlashbackFriday!

And unlike Flashback Friday, which is always predictable, little surprises can come from anywhere!

Are you one of those people that hates surprises?

I am.

For some reason, I like knowing when something is going to happen.  Predictability is always nice, but for moments that aren’t, thankfully, there are tools in place that help when things are surprises.

There’s insurance, cleaning supplies, reliable storage containers, and today’s featured product.

We are continuing on the theme of products for your cleaning and storage needs, and we look no further than today’s product (in a commercial from 1991) that handles cleanup in an amazing way.

Because, like life, surprises are inevitable.

And so are messes!

Find out how today’s product is taking care of this problem!

Ah, the old reliable Black and Decker Dustbuster!


My family had a Black and Decker Dustbuster.  My mom got it as a gift for Christmas, I think in 1991.  It was always nice having this anchored to the kitchen wall – it was right next to the kitchen table, and we could grab it if we had crumbs, a little dirt came in on shoes, or a spider was spotted somewhere.  We would also use this on the kitchen table before wiping it down after dinner to suck up the crumbs.  We loved its reliability, and it held up quite a while until we moved.  We had a Cone dustbuster after that, and it didn’t last nearly as long as our Black and Decker.

Black and Decker still makes the trusty dustbuster (as they have since it was first introduced in January 1979), and a modern one that is the equivalent of this dustbuster retails for $25.

But this one will always be a classic!


And here we close on another Flashback Friday, the last one of 2018.  I’d like to thank you for stopping by week after week in 2018, watching commercials and enjoying the walk down memory lane.  Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday will return next week for its first trip down memory lane in 2019!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a Happy New Year!


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