#ThrowbackThursday / #FlashbackFriday Bonus: Infomercial Fails

Another bonus episode?

Why yes!

If yesterday’s commercial about dispensing coffee filters (and the idiot husbands who can’t handle this task) is any indication of what was to come in the world of “As Seen On TV” advertising, no one could possibly have been prepared for the people in the commercials.

The products are a whole other story.

After I finished yesterday’s article, I remembered seeing a montage of similar failures, as created by awesome YouTubers (like user Gif Central, who created this video!).  I couldn’t let this one go, so for your viewing pleasure, the time every “As Seen On TV” person failed at life.

We’ve got dropped pasta, exploding kitchen cabinets, dropped phones, facial expressions, and all the shaving-related knicks and cuts one could possibly handle in their life.


It’s awesome!

Now, don’t you feel better about yourself?


No, seriously.  Don’t you feel better about yourself?



Have a great weekend…and be safe out there!  You never know when you’ll run into one of these people!

Especially that creepy Snuggie family.


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