Isn’t Life #ThrowbackThursday?

How about delicious.  How do you feel about your Throwback Thursday being delicious?

We’ve begun the countdown to Christmas on Allison’s Written Words, and today we are at 19 days and counting.  This week, we’re beginning with the parading out of Christmas commercials, and I’ve hand-picked two from the archives that should bring a smile to your face.

Mostly because the theme focuses on sweet treats.  Because who doesn’t like candy?

Today, we dip into the archives of 1991, and what amounts to the Greatest Christmas Ever for a kid.

But while this young lady likes what she sees, it is the littlest thing that makes her very happy!


Find out what makes her happy, when you click play!

There’s toys, and then there’s LIFESAVERS SWEET STORYBOOKS!

(Capitalized for emphasis and excitement, of course!)

Lifesavers has this cool Christmas tradition of collectible tins and Sweet Storybooks, which are little “books” containing rolls of Lifesavers.  This particular one was from 1991:

Screenshot (1321)

The Lifesavers Sweet Storybook is still made today, with a new design each year.

This is the collectible tin from that same year.  Super cute!

Screenshot (1322)

And this is 2018’s Sweet Storybook:

Screenshot (1323)

Not quite as cute as 2018, but still pretty nice.

This ad makes me think of how stuff like this means the world to a kid, at least, it was that way in 1991.  Something like this in your stocking was always a fun treat to receive.


These days, I’m not sure too many kids would be happy to receive something like this, but it is nice to know that at one time, this was a Big Deal.


You’re damn right it is!

On that happy (and sweet) note, the countdown to Christmas continues tomorrow on Flashback Friday, with another delicious Christmas treat, this time from 1989.

Have a great Throwback Thursday!

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