When You Care Enough To Send the #ThrowbackThursday

…and the very best.

Ok, just as “very best” as Friday.

We’re almost there!

We’re sitting at twelve days and counting on our ongoing Christmas countdown!

This week’s theme, in our ongoing countdown to Christmas, is cuddly Christmas-themed characters.  I’ve hand-picked two commercials from the archives to make this happen.  Today’s commercial takes us back to 1985, when a certain greeting card company introduced a couple of cuddly reindeer that my mom still has in her Christmas collection to this day.

So, on this “First Day of Christmas,” it is only appropriate that I find a commercial that starts off with “On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…”


A cuddly reindeer named Randy!


And his main squeeze, Rhonda!


And a whole bunch of Randy/Rhonda clones, all in various sizes!

Click play, and watch the “mating like reindeer” craziness unfold!

Randy and Rhonda Reindeer were first introduced in (I believe) 1984, and have popped up in Hallmark stores over the years.  My mom got Randy and Rhonda in the mid 1980s (I think 1986), and they are still in our family’s Christmas collection to this day.  She has the smaller ones, and I used to play with them around Christmas – I always loved how cuddly they were for such little dolls!


As I said, over the years, the couple has popped up in storybooks, plushies, and even Burger King toys.

I kid you not, this happened in 1987, the year before the Purr-tenders got Christmas-themed Burger King toys!


So when you care to send the very best, by all means, have a stuffed reindeer toy swing into the scene a la Tarzan!


And there you have it, a Christmas collectible sure to elicit a few memories buried deep.  We’re just getting started with this!  Flashback Friday will be along tomorrow with another cuddly Christmas-themed character.

Until tomorrow, have a great Throwback Thursday!  The countdown to Christmas bravely soldiers on!

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