#FlashbackFriday Has A Cheese Riddle For You…

Yesterday, on Throwback Thursday

Screenshot (106)

A disappointed daddy is skeptical about “Mommy’s” choice of macaroni and cheese…but don’t knock it until you try it…”Daddy.”

Today, on Flashback Friday…

We’re back to dealing with a very cheesy topic, not related to anything silly, campy, or corny.  We’re discussing the other great foodstuff of the gods, with commercials from the archives!

Today’s submission of two commercials comes from 1988, and asks you a very important question about the food you plan to serve, a cheese riddle, if you will.

Today’s video set answers two riddles:

And involves the adding of cheese to…

And the video gives you the answer to the riddle!

So click play!  What are you waiting for?

So, moral of the riddle…

Screenshot (110)

The OTHER foodstuff of the gods!

And there you have it, commercials from the archives that are cheesy, but in a delicious way!

Have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend! 🙂

And don’t forget the cheese!  Because we don’t want to disappoint daddy, dissatisfy Irish Eyes we want to smile, and Giorgio.  Yes, Giorgio.

Now you can have a great Friday, and a fantastic weekend!




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