#ThrowbackThursday Is Just Another Name for Milk

Well, not really.  But today’s product is!

This week’s theme came about while picking out commercials, mostly because one never realizes the power of…beverages?

We believe in the power of cheese, and everything sacred about it, but have we looked at drinks lately?

Specifically, milk?

Yes, milk.

We’ve seen the health benefits of milk toted on commercials over the years (I have one such commercial in my collection from the 1980s, ironically nestled in the same commercial block as commercials for oat bran, another heavily-toted foodstuff in the 1980s for its ability to lower cholesterol), but not everyone can drink or consume milk and associated milk products (like cheese).

When I was in college, I was taking Lactaid everyday in order to enjoy cereal in the college cafeteria, or to eat anything dairy-related.  Thankfully, that problem did stop after college (found this out accidentally after eating ice cream, and nothing happened), and I did have a lactose test done five years ago that verified it, but lactose intolerance is totally common, and very much the human struggle for those who can’t just rip open an ice cream container without the worry of cramps and digestive dilemmas.

Thankfully, for those, there is an alternative, as this commercial from 2000 is happy to explain!

For today’s commercial protagonist, the world looks a bit different…


It’s a place full of deliciousness…and a glass of milk to go with it!


Why is she dreaming of milk?  Click play and find out!

Does it really rain cereal when you dream of Lactaid?


Lactaid milk is an alternative for those who cannot digest lactose, but has the taste and texture of real milk.  In the days before almond milk, this was a godsend.  I remember not needing this as a kid, but my grandma had it in her fridge because she needed it.  I was not familiar with lactose intolerance or its side effects, but I was glad that my grandma could have a cookie and milk with me and not have to worry about an upset stomach.

The cookies, by the way, came from this awesome cookie jar.

Double your nostalgia, my friends!

Lactaid milk, and all associated Lactaid products, are still manufactured today by McNeil Nutritionals.  Their mission/purpose remains the same – be  just like milk, and provide enzyme replacements that allow those who otherwise can’t have it to be able to enjoy it once more.

And hey, if the joy of Lactaid milk makes it rain cereal, then so be it!


Dream, dream, dream…and have a great Throwback Thursday!


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