Here I Come To Save #FlashbackFriday…

*Scoffs* Like it needs saving.

Friday never needs saving, but the people in today’s commercial do.

Today’s commercial looks like the most unconventional commercial for ShopRite ever.  Whenever I see a commercial for ShopRite, it usually features food.  This one, however, has “Mid-1990s Summer Blockbuster Disaster Movie” written all over it, at least, at the outset.

The aliens want something, but the world needs saving.  And our savior, a mouse of super strength and flight capabilities…


…is a little busy right now.

Find out what is preventing him from being all “here I come to save the day!” by clicking play below!

Oh my goodness, Mighty Mouse is being a Mighty Jerk!


He’s all “Hold on, I’mma be with you after I finish this cheese!”

I mean, I’m all for union breaks and all, saving the day is tough, but do you see what’s going on outside?!

I particularly love the twist to this story…the aliens wanted cheese?

Seriously, is that all it took?


This commercial, which aired in June 2001 (within the same block of commercials that featured yesterday’s spirited “spin off” of Family Feud commercial), was cross-promoting ShopRite having an awesome cheese section (my local store certainly does!) with it being National Dairy Month.

“Ahhh, the Power of Cheese” was a slogan that was part of a several years-long campaign, starting in 2000 (the previously used word, according to AdWeek, “Behold,” was replaced due to the standoffish nature of the word).  The commercials began airing in the late 1990s, and were meant to trigger the response for the love of cheese, as well as to promote America’s Dairy Farmers.

Cheese commercials have a loving place on Throwback Thursday and Flashback Friday (Related #FlashbackFriday Has A Cheese Riddle For You… and  #ThrowbackThursday Can’t Believe Mommy Bought A Different Macaroni and Cheese!), as well as in this author’s heart (and stomach!).  I love cheese, and even have a pack of Goldfish crackers and Cheez Its on my desk for snacks today.

Moral of the story: Nothing (not even saving the world) will be done until AFTER cheese!  Not before, not during.  AFTER!


If during or before, you risk the Mighty ‘Tude of Might Mouse!

On that note, because you now know everything you need to know, have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

And don’t forget the cheese, because the power of it is enough to bring everything else to a grinding halt!


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