Pure (Daily Post Photo Challenge)

For my submission, these are two pictures I have of my niece (Maddie, age 15 months), one taken by my cousin, and another taken by me.


My cousin Erin took this photo on Christmas Day in 2015. The young lady is her daughter, Sydney (age 5 – she’ll be 6 in August), holding Maddie (then 9 months).  Sydney had never met Maddie prior to that day (they live out of state), so the baby was a new thing for her.  When she was handed the baby to hold, Sydney exclaimed “the baby is my cousin?!”  They had a nice photo where Sydney was smiling, but my cousin also captured this adorable photo and loves that she captured the moment between her daughter meeting their mutual newest little cousin.

3-21-15 (1)

I took this photo of then-newborn (according to the date on the photo, she was 11 days old) Maddie.  Maddie was born 11 days early, and was soooo tiny.  I had been around newborns a limited number of times, and Maddie was the first newborn I really had spent an extensive amount of time with.

I still can’t believe she was ever this small!



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