Over On Retroist, A Song with Heart…To Heart!

Over on Retroist, check out my follow-up to yesterday’s post about Kenny Loggins and David Foster bragging (just a little).  In this post, Kenny Loggins performs the other song from his set during the Hit Man Returns concert, the 1982 song “Heart to Heart.”

And the Only Way to Start Your Set at a David Foster Concert? Heart to Heart!

Over at Retroist, Kenny Loggins Brags…and It’s Brilliant!

Oh yes, over at Retroist, you can listen to the story about the time Kenny Loggins and David Foster wrote a song together, and trust me, you’ll be like “oh shut up!” when you hear it.

Brilliance at its finest, folks!

Kenny Loggins and David Foster Brag, Then Perform “Forever”

And, OMG, I fawn over Kenny Loggins!

Music Video Unusual: “Heart to Heart”

If you’ve known me for the last year or so, you’re likely aware that I talk about Kenny Loggins music.  Alot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked his music, but in the last year, I’ve really begun to appreciate his music beyond casual listening.  I’ve even begun to appreciate his stuff beyond his soundtrack contributions.  Because when you move beyond his soundtrack offerings, the singles he’s released are actually quite good.   Continue reading “Music Video Unusual: “Heart to Heart””