Music Video Unusual: “Heart to Heart”

If you’ve known me for the last year or so, you’re likely aware that I talk about Kenny Loggins music.  Alot.  Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always liked his music, but in the last year, I’ve really begun to appreciate his music beyond casual listening.  I’ve even begun to appreciate his stuff beyond his soundtrack contributions.  Because when you move beyond his soundtrack offerings, the singles he’s released are actually quite good.  

Years ago, when my music listening skills were far less in tune, I used to confuse Kenny Loggins with Michael McDonald.   I know they sound nothing alike, but McDonald actually did contribute to Loggins early work, providing backup vocals for several songs (which obviously makes it easy to confuse one for the other, I guess), including Loggins’ 1979 song “This is It,” from Keep the Fire, and many collaborations since, including the song that is the subject of today’s article.

“Heart to Heart” is a single from Loggins’ 1982 album High Adventure, which saw Loggins succeeding in looking totally Indiana Jones-esque…if Indiana Jones had a beard and Jesus hair.


Hell, I’m convinced this was the “Dennis Miller circa 1994” phase of his look, though we all know that was similar to Barry Gibb, circa 1976.  “Kenny Loggins High Adventure” by Source. Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

“Heart to Heart” was the second of three singles released from High Adventure, and was co-written with David Foster (the “Hit Man” with a lot of friends in the music business) and Michael McDonald.  Kenny Loggins was no stranger to collaborating with either artist, and has performed in more recent years with both of them.  It reached #15 on the Billboard Hot 100 (where it remained for five weeks) from late January 1982 until late February 1982, and stayed in the Top 40 for 13 weeks, and 17 weeks on the Hot 100.  It reached #3 on the Adult Contemporary charts in the United States, and #1 in Canada.

Canadians love David Foster, let’s face it.

So what is “Heart to Heart” about, beyond the obvious implication about it being a “love song”?  The song’s meaning is about the mutual opening of hearts to preserve a relationship once the partners have grown apart in the relationship.  While not all relationships endure the test of time, some do just that.

And if that’s what the song is about, the music video tells an entirely different story.

We have our video’s focus, a little boy.  Let’s refer to him as Lil’ Kenny Loggins.

Screenshot (100)

And we have Actual Kenny Loggins, playing the part of an artist.

Screenshot (101)

What a stretch, you say?  Well, rather than writing songs…he drawing.

Screenshot (102)

There is something clearly troubling Lil’ Kenny.  But no worries, because he has his teddy bear.

Screenshot (103)

And then he’s off into…some wasteland beyond his house?

Kenny thinks he’s got it…

Screenshot (104)

But it winds up being scrapped.

So let’s try this again.

Screenshot (105) Screenshot (106)

Back to square one…

Screenshot (108)

…and the focus of Actual Kenny Loggins’ story returns.  Except the tables have turned, and now he’s the artist!

Screenshot (109)

And there is a woman introduced into the story…

Screenshot (116)

She’s the love interest, perhaps?

Screenshot (110)

And Kenny Loggins becomes a hapless victim – er, player – in his own story.

Screenshot (111) Screenshot (113)

But he wrestles the story away from young Kenny Loggins.

And what is happening here is beyond me.  Apparently, the music video has taken a dark turn.  Does this symbolize the end of a relationship?  And should I be terrified that someone strung up teddy bears?

Screenshot (114)

So much darkness…

But then young Kenny Loggins comes back to draw what Actual Kenny Loggins had been trying to accomplish the entire music video…

Screenshot (115)

He drew a heart.

I’m baffled.  What’s this music video about?

Watch for yourself…and be the judge you want to be!

Screenshot (114)

Gah!  Burn it already!  This should not be a thing!


  1. Hi Allison. This Song is Awesome. So, I Searched around Looking for some kind Of insight into this Video. I Like your interpretation on this Video. Cool. Of course I Listened to Music, Before and After the 80’s. But, in My Opinion, the 80’s was the Most Totally Awesome Decade for Music. Catcha’ Later. Thanks. :v :v


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