Travels and Experiences: The Kenny Loggins Concert

This prompt (from January 29, 2016, entitled “Saturday Night”) is not about the loneliest night of the week.  In fact, it talks about the opposite of lonely.

Tell us about the most exciting big night out you had recently.

My most recent exciting night out was actually not a Saturday night, but instead, was May 27, 2018.  That was actually a Sunday.  I had third row seats to see Kenny Loggins in concert!


I’d been wanting to see him in person for quite some time, since I’d been listening to his music for a long time.  However, Loggins doesn’t tour much, and I don’t even know when he was on the East Coast, let alone in my area, last.  So when the opportunity came up, and it was affordable ($79 for 3rd row seats?  Yes please!), I jumped at the opportunity.


In ninety minutes, Loggins (and his small band of guitarists, drummer, and keyboard player) covered everything from Loggins and Messina (“Angry Eyes,” “Your Mama Don’t Dance,” “Danny’s Song”), early solo career (“Celebrate Me Home”), The King of the Soundtrack (“Danger Zone,” “Playing with the Boys,” “I’m Alright”), the sequel song “Return to Pooh Corner,” and even threw in a sweet rendition of “Don’t Fight It” from his 1982 album High Adventure.

You know, the album where he channels his inner Indiana Jones.


Souful and beautiful when the song called for it, fun and energetic when it was necessary, and amazing all around, Loggins put on a hell of a performance.  Some artists don’t like to stop when they clearly should (not every voice ages well, you know), but there are those artists who not only can still carry a tune, hit the perfect high note, and capture the moment.  Kenny Loggins proved he could do all of this!


However, if you needed further proof…

But perhaps you’re still not convinced…

I didn’t melt at all.  That was totally not my voice screaming “OH MY GOD!” at the end.

Ok, it was.

I’m not above admitting that it hit me right in the feels super hard, that my soul cried happy tears, or that I went gaga over a ruggedly handsome 70-year-old man.

You think I mention the Chicago/Earth Wind and Fire concert quite a bit?  I’ll be talking about this one for awhile. 🙂


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