#FlashbackFriday Is Dressed To Kill!

…and combat ready!

But mostly dressed to kill. Because seriously, when you’ve got gams like this…

The world of GI Joe-style play, mixed with Barbie-esque outfitting, and miscommunication all come together in today’s commercial from 2000 (as featured briefly in a previous Flashback Friday from April 2019), which shows the consequences of picking one of the other courier companies.

But of course, the consequence is “Dressed to KILL!” versus “Dressed to KIIIIIILL!”

So which courier was responsible for this fabulous mistake?

Find out, when you click play!

Because you absolutely, positively needed the correct clothes to be there overnight…but you were “absolutely sure” you picked the correct courier.

You thought WRONG!

Should’ve used FedEx, am I right?

Since 1971, Federal Express – er, FedEx – has been ensuring deliveries find their way around the world, wherever they need to go. With services that include air, ground, freight, and post office shipping, as well as office services (formerly called Kinko’s), FedEx’s services help with all the important facets of getting it done, and getting it shipped. Established in Little Rock, Arkansas, and based in Memphis, Tennessee, FedEx currently operates its headquarters out of Memphis International Airport.

“Be absolutely sure” was FedEx’s campaign beginning in 1998, and running until 2000. The actual name “Federal Express” was retired in 2000, and was the name of the original air division, which began operations in 1973. To be honest, this is the only FedEx commercial I remember from that particular time, mostly because of the GI Joe-esque style of advertising. Shouting kids, dolls being thrust in front of the camera, and a loud voiceover. The plot twist involving fancy clothing is hilarious.

In retrospect, the idea of boys playing with their, ahem, action figures in this fashion seems very over-the-top. However, this was the type of imagery that sold toys during the impressionable 1980s era of advertising. This commercial captures the charms of the era, with the “oh crap” element of a courier completely screwing up a toy manufacturer’s big marketing campaign.

But man, what a fabulous mistake!

Evening gown and tiara sold separately, of course.

Don’t forget to use FedEx next time…if there is a next time for Combat Rangers.

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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