Can’t Beat The #FlashbackFriday Thing!

I mean, you can’t beat something handpicked by Juan Valdez either, but commercials on Flashback Friday come pretty darn close!


Well, now I’ve succeeded in uploading all of the oldest commercial blocks in my archives.

I’ve done it!

Today’s commercials come from the archives of my ex-boyfriend’s videos, taped during the 43rd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards on August 25, 1991.


Surprisingly enough, the show aired on Fox, and certainly had that early 1990s Fox feel, while featuring Rob Schneider playing a character from a show on one of the “Big Three” networks.  Yeah, “Big Three.”  Remember when Fox wasn’t even good enough to play with the big boys on ABC, NBC, and CBS?  I do!

Dennis Miller, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Jerry Seinfeld served as the evening’s hosts.  In the summer of 1991, Miller had just left Saturday Night Live after six seasons, Jamie Lee Curtis was starring on the ABC sitcom Anything But Love, which just finished its third season, and Jerry Seinfeld was starring on a little show about nothing that just hitting its stride.  Three actors from three different shows, none of which aired on Fox.


Well, Seinfeld aired in reruns on Fox at one point.  But not in 1991.

Anyway, an Emmys telecast being held during the summer on a not-so-major network?  The early 90s were an interesting time.

This commercial block is huge, and full of great early 1990s gems, including:

This Coke jingle…


Sexiness! (and more sexiness!)


The original I Know What You Did Last Summer, rolled up into a Fox TV film.


The trunk space, dude!


From a Honda commercial showing different state license plates with references people living there would know.

“What Exit” definitely qualifies as something you’d only know if you lived here!


Early 1990s Fox Sitcoms!


Robert Stack!


Diet Coke commercials, Paula Abdul style!


Jingles we all sang in the 90s!


Between that and Pull Ups, we had catchy earworms!

I totally remember when Fox’s Ten O’Clock News looked like this!


Pump it up!


There’s some great promos, movie trailers, and lots of product and service advertisements contained within.  It is a long block, but it is fun, and I even left a nice treat on at the end.

So, whenever you’re ready, go on and click play, and let 1991 goodness ease you into the weekend!

There.  Now I’ve covered everything in my early archives!  How did I not do this sooner?!

Have a fantastic Flashback Friday, and a great weekend!

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