This Is Instant #ThrowbackThursday? I Don’t Believe It!

I don’t believe something else…the fact that I have NEVER featured this commercial block!

Seriously, I’ve never posted this one.  I’ve posted commercials from it, but not the whole block.

Today’s commercial block is one of the oldest ones in my personal archives, recorded in the summer of 2007 while just grabbing recorded videos from the family video collection and seeing what was one the tapes.  I found the tape this was recorded on in the entertainment center – we did not record this video; rather, it was found in my paternal grandparents’ house after my grandfather died.  My dad took the VCR and grabbed this video, which had two movies recorded – Star Wars and Iron Eagle.

This commercial block was filmed sometime around November 22-23, 1988 (based on one of the promos), so more than likely the weekend before – November 19-20, 1988.  The commercials aired during the Tri-Star Showcase (one of those special programming blocks like the SfM Holiday Network or Kraft’s-sponsored programming block) airing of the 1986 film Iron Eagle (so good!).  The commercials aired on “New York’s Own” WPIX 11.

Included in this block:

Newspaper headlines!


Documentaries Geraldo Rivera cannot possibly screw up!


No, seriously. This originally aired on Showtime in 1986, and was re-cut into two nights for WPIX (and probably other independent networks) with a special 900 number for viewers to call in their verdict on the second night.  No vaults, no live digs, no embarrassment for Geraldo Rivera!

The hidden camera coffee test!


Remember that one sketch on Saturday Night Live with Chris Farley, when he is told he is part of a hidden camera coffee test, and he totally freaks out?  I’ve never looked at these old coffee commercials the same way since!

Hemorrhoid relief!


Cheers…it’s been in syndication your entire life!


No, really.  Between its original broadcast and all the years it has been in reruns, it really has been around my entire life (seriously, my entire 37 – almost 38 – years).  I’m convinced it has been in reruns just as long!

Tom the Turkey from your Carvel store!


Hair removal that literally rips the hair out of your legs!


Makes you want Nair, doesn’t it?

And seriously, the music in this commercial.  Like owning an Epilady Trio is a thing of extravagance and wealth.  Only in the 80s!

A really sad story about toddlers infected with AIDS, and a time when WPIX’s news was toted as Independent News.


Can your Geo Metro (new for 1989!) surf the waves?


Juan Valdez handpicked and approved his commercial depictions, the way he handpicked each coffee bean.


Believe that and I got a bridge I can sell you!

There’s a Lucky Dog named Ike…


Fay from Wings, who really likes a bank without overinflated promises and practices…


And a revived Gong Show!


We’ve got toys, food, commercials for movie previews, upcoming programs, and the awesome feel of a local independent network.  WPIX in the 1980s was awesome, and the commercial blocks on YouTube have a warm and fuzzy feel.  This one certainly does!

(Just a note: the audio drops out briefly in one part due to the recording quality, but is otherwise great)

Like I said, warm and fuzzy, despite the depiction of snow and cold medicine!

So…while I was working on this block for today, I found one more – yes, one more – block of commercials I’ve been apparently holding on to for many years.  I’ve sourced from it, but I’ve never uploaded the entire block.

You’ll love that one too!

Until tomorrow, have a great Throwback Thursday!

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