#ThrowbackThursday – What Is Sexy?

Screenshot (370)

Leave ’em guessing…isn’t that how all great teases are born?

Well, it’s Thursday, and this week, we’re going to Throwback to 1991, when Jovan Musk asked the aforementioned All-Important Question…and then answered itself.  Because why not?

We get three commercials worth of lightning-fast images of what could possibly be defined as “sexy” – women with children, men with children, women eating strawberries while lying down, women washing cars, men having moments of licking door frames while watching women washing cars, people refusing pictures in limos, people dancing in streets…all of it in the name of “sexy.”

Because when you wear this…

Screenshot (371)

You’ll find out…

Screenshot (369)

This triple threat of sexy imagery was a little hard to pin down for the purpose of screenshots, so I’ll just let you take a look at the commercial itself, if you will.

So apparently, Jovan Musk is still a thing.  It’s been on the market since 1972, and is sold in drug stores and superstore chains, and the scent is described exotic spices and woods mixed with the seductive power of musk.”  And naturally I had to find out what “musk” is, and why it’s used in something that promotes “sexiness.”

It’s, in short, glandular secretions from musk deer, plants that emit similar fragrances, and artificial substances with similar odors.

Absorb that.

No wonder they coin this stuff as sexy, Jovan wants you to smell like an animal!

I’ve heard everything.  Until the next time I hear something that changes my mind.

Maybe that will happen on Flashback Friday.  I don’t know.

But I do know this…the rest of the day will happen fast.

Screenshot (373) Screenshot (369)

Always works for me.

Have a great Thursday!


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