#Christmas Memories: The Popples Pajamas

How about another nice Christmas memory?

This is another personal nostalgia piece, moving away from the dresses of Christmas to a very specific pair of Christmas pajamas, the product of their amazing time.

From the year that bought you these dresses

…came these very cute character pajamas.

Allison, Christmas 1986 (age 4). Image: Venezio Family Collection.

In fact, the red dress photo was taken the same night as the Popples pajamas photo (based on the order of the photos in the album).  Those are the knee-high socks in that photo.  I should add that those bangs are fabulous.

In 1986, Popples were awesome.  I had three of them…

Prize, who is on the pajama shirt…

Image: Ghost of the Doll

Pretty Bit…

Image: Ghost of the Doll

And a Pocket Popple-sized Puffball.

Image: Ghost of the Doll


I watched the cartoon.  I took them very seriously, as I did all of my licensed character toys.  Didn’t we all take these things seriously as kids?

My mom had this tradition of getting us new Christmas pajamas every year, but these were the first ones I remember…and I loved them!

Allison, Christmas 1986 (age 4). Photo: Venezio Family Collection

I was so skinny back then that my shirts had to be tucked into my pants, including these pajamas.  I swear, this is the worst look for pajamas, but when you’re this skinny, it’s required.  I remember the front says “I’m really something…” but I cannot remember what the back says.  All I remember about the shirt was the back of it showed the back of Party Popple.  I’m sure there was additional writing on it, but I don’t remember what it is, and darned if I could find a picture of these pajamas.

I’m really not even sure where my mom got them from (I’ll assume JC Penney or Sears, since I don’t think Kids R Us sold licensed character stuff), but they’re super cute.  If anything I’d like to know what the back of the pajama shirt says.

Do you have a pair of special Christmas pajamas that you wore as a kid?  I’ve told my story, and I’d love to hear yours too!

And if you know anything about these pajamas, please tell me what the back says!  I can’t find anything on them!

The countdown to Christmas goes on – 14 days and counting!

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