Peace and #ThrowbackThursday Are Felt Throughout The Land!

It’s a world of celebration, joyful yuletide expectation, and it’s that much closer to Friday!

Continuing on through our month of festivities, where Christmas-themed blog articles are the norm, the standard, and the expectation comes a very cheerful commercial from the world of M&M’s candy!

What better way to celebrate a holiday (or any holiday, for that matter) than with the candy that (allegedly) melts in your mouth, and not in your hand?

We’ve got sleigh rides…


Christmas parties…

…And so much milk chocolate candy to go around!

It’s the other thing felt throughout the land!

See why in this beautifully sentimental commercial from 1983 (but discovered on a 1985 tape!)

Wow, that just oozes sentimental and yuletide cheer, doesn’t it?

The early 1980s saw the marketing campaign for M&M’s proclaiming that “All the world loves M&M’s,” sung by Joel Higgins, who was best known for (besides his beautiful singing voice, obviously!) playing Ricky’s  man-child father, Edward Stratton III on the 1980s sitcom Silver Spoons.


Yes, this guy.

This commercial originally aired in 1983, but clearly had the staying power and timelessness to stick around for a few years, but I’m assuming was discontinued once we were told to “grab on to that M&M’s feeling!” in 1986.


M&M’s, in all its varieties, has been melting in your mouth (allegedly) and not in your hand (where mine always seem to melt!), since 1941, and will probably be around till the end of time.  They are a favorite of mine (especially the plain ones – gotta love the classics!), and I tend to alternate between them and BunchaCrunch when I go to the movies.  My mom keeps a candy dish in her living room of M&M’s (usually Peanut or one of the limited edition varieties) year round, but always breaks out the holiday-themed ones when it is that time.


There is no swaying me, I love M&M’s, and I’ll willingly “grab onto that M&M’s feeling.”

Even if this commercial didn’t have the staying power to outlast the early 1980s (even though it did air beyond its original year), it feels timeless in its approach to the holidays.  The jingle is beautiful and soothing, and gives me all of the feels of a wonderfully nostalgic Christmas.

Tomorrow, another staple of delicious treats peddles his wares for the holiday season!

Until then, have a great Throwback Thursday!



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