Grab Onto That #FlashbackFriday Feeling!

Because it’s Friday!

Previously, on Throwback Thursday…Bread for ENERGY!


And creative ways to nab it!

I hadn’t actually planned a theme for this particular week, but apparently I really wanted to show the happiness of kids (and kids at heart) when they have the right food.  Because if I’ve learned anything about food, it is the Great Motivator of life.

Yesterday, we looked at the healthy impact of bread on energy (yea carbs!!!!), so today we will dive into something that provides as much energy, but a bigger crash from sugar once all that lovely sugar wears off.

But it will make us smile in the meantime, folks.  Isn’t instant gratification wonderful?!

So let me ask you the All Important Question: What makes kids…

And professional adults…


This woman…


And this young-at-heart couple…

…all Smile?

Why, click play and find out!

It’s the wonderful chocolate joy of M&M’s that does it.  The joy of sweetness, the thrill of chocolate that (supposedly) melts in your mouth and not in your hands!  The smiles, the laughter…

The colorful candy goodness…


I couldn’t think of a more perfect way to kick off the weekend.

Here’s to your weekend being full of happiness, chocolate,


And dancing!

And hopefully no interference.

Damn tape!

Have a great weekend!

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